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Care Groups At MECC

Building a deeper community with a group of people from the larger church community.


At our church, COMMUNITY is very important. 

We know that it is often difficult to break in a

new group and get connected.  That is part of the reason why every single person in our church is part of a CARE GROUP. 


Whether you are single, married, have young or teenage kids, empty nesters, or glorious seniors, we want to enjoy your company. 

We want to connect inter-generationally.

So if you are hoping to walk in our doors and get connected right away, we are ready for you and would love to connect you with one of our many care groups that meet monthly.


The 5 F’s of Care Groups

Faith - Growing in Christ together

Family - Caring for each other

Food - Enjoying refreshments together

Fellowship- Getting to know each other

Fun - Safe place to be together


Please contact the church office for more information

and to get plugged into a care group.

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