Fall of 2022 Adult Ministry Initiatives


Strange New World

"How thinkers and activists redefined identity and sparked the sexual revolution."

As I have traveled the world, I have often hired tour guides to lead me through unfamiliar locations. Their expertise has always proven helpful in explaining what I am seeing and experiencing. And in much the same way, Strange New World is essentially a guided tour to modern times. Trueman acts as a wise and trusted guide to a culture that has become increasingly uncomfortable and unfamiliar. I highly recommend you take the tour.”

-Time Challies, blogger, Challies.com 

Small Group Book Read

(Thursdays from 7 - 8:15 pm)

We aim to gather once every few weeks to go over a chapter and discuss what we have learned

and journey through the accompany study guide.

  1. Sunday September 25 – Welcome to This Strange New World

  2. Sunday October 16 – Romantic Roots

  3. Sunday November 6 – Prometheus Unbound

  4. Sunday November 27 – Sexualizing Psychology, Politicizing Sex

  5. Sunday January 8 – The Revolt of the Masses

  6. Sunday February 5 – Plastic People, Liquid World

  7. Sunday March 5 – The Sexual Revolution of the LGBTQ+

  8. Sunday April 2 – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

  9. Sunday May 7 – Strangers in This Strange New World

  10. Sunday June 4 – Make Up Sunday if Needed

Strange New World Book - $10.00

Strange New World Study Guide - $10.00

Recommend getting both for our Book Read/Group Discussions.

Please Contact Pastor Kors with any questions, or to register.



Living Grace Small Group

(limited to 15 participants)

The last few years have been mentally and emotionally challenging for many individuals and families. We are excited to offer a 16 week journey (2 - 8 week  segments) through various topics related to mental health. Ultimately the goal is to give God the glory by becoming more like Him and growing in our identity and life in Christ.

“Living Grace is a resource designed to provide healthy solutions for your hear and mind. In each chapter, you will find opportunities to transform your daily life. Both Scripture and science will give you a new perspective and practical tools. These will help you address the challenges that come with living with any mental health difficulty or disorder.” From the Living Grace Textbook.


The curriculum is not a professional therapy resource and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or replace mental health professional care and/or medical treatments. Likewise, the Living Grace Small Group is not intended to replace people’s existing mental health professional care but rather to address some of the issues in a grace filled atmosphere while looking into God’s Word.


Presently, we are looking to meet on Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 8:15 p.m. at Melfort Evangelical Covenant Church.


Part 1

  1. Thursday October 6 – Your True Identity

  2. Thursday October 13 – Mental Health Recovery

  3. Thursday October 20 – God Is Bigger Than Our Weakness

  4. Thursday October 27 – Medication

  5. Thursday November 3 – Whole-Health Strength And Renewal

  6. Thursday November 17 – Renewing Your Mind

  7. Thursday November 24 – Rest, Relaxation, And Joy

  8. Thursday December 1 – Managing Stressors


Part 2

Will take place in February & March 2023 (dates to be determined)


Melfort Evangelical Covenant church is offering the workbooks for $15.00.


Please Contact Pastor Kors with any questions, or to register.



Adult Bible Study On Eschatology

Understanding The Last Things

Mondays 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.



  1. Sept 12 – Introduction & Importance of Eschatology

  2. Sept 19 – Personal Eschatology – Death

  3. Sept 26 – Personal Eschatology – Intermediate State & Resurrection

  4. Oct 3 – Eschatological Views & Amillennialism

  5. Oct 17 – Postmillennialism & Premillennialism

  6. Oct 24 – Tribulation

  7. Nov 7 – Rapture

  8. Nov 14 – TBD

  9. Nov 21 – Second Coming

  10. Nov 28 – Judgement Seat of Christ

  11. Dec 5 – Millennium

  12. Dec 12 – Great White Throne of Judgement

  13. Dec 19 – Hell & The New Heaven and Earth

Please Contact Pastor Kors with any questions, or to register.


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