March - May 2021

Adult Bible Study

Assurance of Faith

(online & in person)

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We invite you to join with others as we journey through this online study.

We aim to gather in person on a few weeks for discussion and prayer.

(While we encourage joining the in person discussions and prayer

it is not mandatory to taking this online course)

We invite all participants to donate $10 to MECC to help cover the cost of using this  tool for these few months.

Lessons will be available on the dates listed below. Each lesson should take around an hour.

In Person Discussion & Prayer will be at MECC on Sundays at

7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

We are using an online tool called Ligonier Connect.

The study is Assurance of Faith by Joel Beeke.

Course Description

Are you sure you’re saved?

Many Christians wrestle with this question, agonizing over guilt and worrying whether they’re truly in Christ. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


In this course, Dr. Joel Beeke examines the Bible and the Westminster Confession of Faith

to help believers lean on God’s promises and find assurance.

This is a course to comfort struggling Christians, encourage the assured, and caution those who take their assurance for granted

Course Outline

Mar. 8 - Assurance Defined

Mar. 15 - Lack of Assurance

Mar. 21 - In Person Gathering

Mar. 22 - Biblical & Normative

Mar. 29 - Church History

Apr. 11 - In Person Gathering

Apr. 12 - Divine Promises

Apr. 19 - Personal Evidences

Apr. 26 - Testimony of the Holy Spirit

May 2 - In Person Gathering

May 3 - Cultivating Assurance

May 10 - Renewing Assurance

May 16 - In Person Gathering

May 17 - The Role of The Holy Spirit

May 31 - Practical Application

June 6 - In Person Gathering

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The Online Course is easy to use and navigate.

There are personal questions only you will see. Pastor Kors will develop group specific questions designed to facilitate online discussion with the larger group.


Once you register with Pastor Kors he will send a link in the first part of March for you to register with Ligonier Connect.

It is easy and straightforward. 

Sunday March 7, 2021 is the deadline to register!

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