Flower Bed Watering at MECC 2020

June 7-13 :  Fran E.

June 14-20: Karen D.

June 21-27: Adeline C.

June 28-July 4:  Dianne O.

July 5-11:  Dianne D.

July 12-18:  Amber G.

July 19-25:  Lori Manz

July 26- Aug 1:  Christy M. and Lou G.

Aug 2-8:   Heather P. 

Aug 9-15:  Jean G.

Aug 16-22: Shannon Y.

Aug 23-29:  Shannon M.

Aug 30-Sept 5:  Gladys W.

Sept Clean up - Pam A.

Daily – Water flowerpots and flower beds well

Twice a week – mix fertilizer and water in watering can and water pots (eg. Mon & Thurs)

Once a week – mix fertilizer and water in watering can and water flower beds

Pull weeds in the flower beds as necessary

Note – in extremely hot weather flower pots may need to be watered both morning and evening

*Watering hose is outside on the northside of the front doors. You can use the wand attached to the hose for watering

*The watering can is located inside the building, along with the fertilizer.  You will need access inside the building to mix the fertilizer twice a week.  Fertilizer and watering can are located on the upper shelf of the coat racks. Please return to this location.


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