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Volunteer Areas


Smile, and say hello!


Direct people where to go, and share printed materials.


Bring six dozen cookies, every six weeks or so.


Prep the coffee, and plug it in. There's a bit of clean up too.

Sound & Tech

The sound booth and computer operators require training. Kids in Grade 6 and older are welcome to learn the tech tasks. 


Spend time caring for babies so parents can join the service.

Chairs set up & Take down

The Set Up Teams make sure the chairs are up before Sunday Mornings. The Take Down Crews stack chairs after the Service/Sunday School


If you are musically talented, please let us know! Our Music Coordinator considers where to best include people.

Volunteer with Us
Which area of service interests you?
Is there a different area of service that you are interested in?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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